Zetterberg at the Gate

Zetterberg at the gate in Detroit creates instant memories for fans.

The Red Wings had Henrik Zetterberg greet hockey fans at the gate and present them with their own bobblehead and it provided a number of benefits.

Firstly, Zetterberg create great excitement and buzz around the giveaway. Surprising moments like this can increase attendance and create a more energetic atmosphere as the word spreads about the unexpected surprises.

Secondly, Zetterberg presenting fans with their own bobblehead is a great way to create a lasting memory of the experience. Fans will have a tangible reminder of the experience and the crazy story to tell that Zetterberg actually gave them the bobblehead himself.

Thirdly, using a celebrity to promote the team or game can also help to generate media coverage and social media buzz. Fans may share photos or videos of their encounter with the celebrity, which can help to promote the team and increase awareness.

Overall, the value of having a Zetterberg at the gate and present them with their own bobblehead is in creating excitement and buzz, generating media coverage and social media buzz, and creating lasting mementos of the experience for fans.

Great execution from the Red Wings.

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