Zambabi in Tampa

Tampa Bay has the biggest Zamboni spectacle with the smallest Zamboni ride.

Awesome intermission element from the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Zambabi!

Nick Farmer from the Lighting helped with the background on this eye-catching ride:  “It was an idea that was brought to us from a very sweet family of Lightning fans, the Quinns. They made their kids a little Zamboni cart that they pushed around their neighborhood. We let them bring it to a game, then they let us keep it. People liked it so much that we invested in an upgraded version. It is a 4-wheeler with a 3-D printed plastic shell over top and a bench hitched behind it so kids can ride along.”

It leads out the team of Zambonis that clean the ice. The kids riding it have a little steering wheel and they absolutely LOVE it! There’s also a horn built in too! It puts smiles on fans’ faces in every corner of the arena. The players’ kids have really taken a liking to it and often get rides after warmups/before the game!”

Love the organic start, the reinvestment in the idea and the evolution of the Zambabi with the Lightning.

Thanks Nick Farmer for his insights.

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