You Gotta Bounce It…

Step aside Grace, Will is here with a new instant classic contest fiasco.

Sometimes your contest is memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Like this Pelican’s instant classic.

Getting your contestants up to speed with the rules and strategies can be harder than you think.  Add in the pressure for contestants of standing in front of 15,000 people and really its surprising that this isn’t more common.

We have talked about this often on….preparing your contestants for success.  Here are a couple resources to help with the task at hand.

First, check this Briefing page with lots of tips to get things dialed in.  Including THREE simple steps…and the UPS, a series of helpful hints.

Briefing 101: The Art of Briefing Your Contestant

Still looking for more, we had whole Huddle Conversation about it. Lead by Todd Bosma, star and host of one of the funniest contest bloopers of all time (OH GRACE!!!!)

Todd and a call full of game operations professionals talk through how to get your contestants ready for success.

Recap: Contest Insights from Todd Bosma

Last tip:  Record a successful staging of your contest on the court (or a recent activation) and play that video for the contestant before they go out.  Nothing clarifies like watching a successful version of the contest you have planned.

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