Yooper Heritage Night

The fine folk of the UP have their special night, courtesy of the Timber Rattlers.

I’m learning so much from another Culture Night served up from MILB.

How do Yoopers talk?
Some common features of Yooper English in the U.P. Use of German/Scandinavian “ja” as “yeah” or “yes,” spelled “ya.” Tendency towards intonation that stresses the first syllable of each word, which is an influence of Finnish spoken by many immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

What is Yooper culture?
Yoopers are brilliant & resilient. We’re focused, ambitious, connected, hardy and harmonious. We celebrate our leisure, endlessly refine our unrivaled work-ethic, and above all else, resist any attempt to be assigned a simpler definition.

Is Yooper derogatory?
The term “Yoopers” is derived from “U.P.-ers,” and started as a derogatory word used by the 9,000,000 people of lower Michigan for the 300,000 strange, snow-covered creatures of the frozen U.P., a huge area comprising a third of the land mass of the state, surrounded by Lakes Huron, Michigan and Superior.

The mystery of why the UP is not part of Wisconsin remains unsolved, but it is nice to the great people of the upper penisula get their just due from this minor league baseball team.

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