No Soup for Me

Food as promotion from the Yard Goats, Seinfeld content from the Water Cooler and a confusing soup for Oscar.

Promotions can and should activate all across your show.  Sounds clips, on-field promotions, concourse activities, wearables, giveaways, mascot skits, entertainment teams and even FOOD.

Some teams don’t control food or have limited ability to active promotions around the menu or specials, but for those who do finding these clever additions and really make a theme night promotion tasty.

Here the Hartford Yard Goats have a soup special connected to their Seinfeld Night.

Of course The Soup Nazi, a memorable character from the TV show Seinfeld, was a stern and eccentric soup chef known for his delicious soups and strict ordering rules. Customers risked being banished from his shop for any breach of soup etiquette, earning him the nickname “The Soup Nazi.” This character embodies the humorous absurdity of everyday life and became an iconic symbol of Seinfeld’s comedic genius.

This isn’t the first time the Yard Goats have connected food with a promotion, check out the March 2020 Podcast where GM Mike Abramson shared their Game of Thrones-themed hamburger concept.  Great conversation with a top tier marketing mind in MILB.

March 2020 Party in the Back Podcast

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Personal Story from the Author

And if you can indulge me for a quick story that I think about whenever I hear “Split Pea Soup”.

I am completely repulsed by Split Pea Soup.  The smell, texture and taste of that mess always makes me sick.  As a child my parents would trot out their recipe for the soup a couple times a year and I would be “forced” to eat a bowl (back in the day when you had to eat whatever they made).  Of course it lead to a long night at the table sitting in front on a cold bowl of soup that I would just never eat.  And there were often tears, pleading with my parents to be excused.  For a decade there was a photo of me on the fridge bawling over a bowl of that green slime, which everyone thought was hilarious (except me).  I will let you decide how evil my parents and sister were for this clear case of child abuse and torment.

Fast forward to my life as a parent.  One day I was talking to my son about this story.  How when I was young I couldn’t just opt out of the dinner menu and have chicken nuggets, I had to eat whatever was put in front of me.  I told him the story of the bi-annual Split Pea Soup torment.  He was completely confused by the story and asked why Grandma Carol would make me eat that.  I told him they thought it was good and I didn’t have a choice.

This didn’t sit right with him and he just couldn’t get past the idea of why anyone would eat that or make me eat it (I mean, right!)

Finally I realized why he was so incredulous.  He repeated, “Why would anyone eat Spit Pee Soup?”

My son literally thought the sweet Grandma he knew and loved was serving up a soup mixture of saliva and urine for dinner.

No Soup for me.

Split Pea Soup with Homemade Croutons

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