WWE Night Tonight in Sioux City

Musketeers tap into WWE Show for in-game fun.

WWE Night is coming to Sioux City and the team has a fun player video to promote it.

These WWE Nights are often in conjunction with upcoming WWE Shows in the venue.  In fact this one will promote the show the next night in the venue.

WWE Returns to Sioux City for the first time in 3 years with Saturday Night’s Main Event. 

For these cross-promotions WWE occasionally sends talent or supports with tickets or merchandise. Of course the entertainment possibilities are rich with wrestler entrance audio, mascots skits and wrestling related contests.

The cooperation also included a Superstar social video to promote both of the weekend’s events.


  • I Got Kids BRO! – Everyone is a winner when the WWE Superstars invade baseball teams… except Raymond.
  • Welcome to Thunderdome – The WWE and The Famous Group have created the virtual fan solution that brings the energy of live fans back during the pandemic. Welcome to Thunderdome.
  • The Water Cooler Megaphone on Blast – The Water Cooler is a Megaphone.

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