Wordsmith Appreciation Day

Fancy words and a fancy pen to write them down with from the Renegades.

Here’s a promotion that may be microtargeting baseball journalist Ben Hill.

Hill the well-know MILB writer with a penchant for word play is a noted enthusiast of the word penultimate.

  1. last but one in a series of things; second last.
    “the penultimate chapter of the book”

The Renegades have flawlessly courted the favor of Ben Hill while cleverly creating a fun giveaway for this second to the last game with their Penultimate Game Ultimate Pen Giveaway Night.  Plus everyone feels smarter for being able to use a fancy work like penultimate moving forward.

Sadly Ben was not able to attend.  We will be sure to inquire about this “long story” on a future (perhaps extended version) of the Party in the Back Podcast.

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