🇺🇸 Taking Chances: National Anthem Edition 🇺🇸

The Orioles are using a world-champion whistler for an upcoming anthem. We look beyond his pursed lips and at why this risk can be rewarding in a number of ways.

I take a chance, every chance I get.

-Scott Hall

Four-Time International Whistling Champion Chris Ullman is recognized for different kind of fame as professional whistler.  He has performed at notable venues and events, including the White House and various public gatherings, bringing joy and entertainment to many.  He now scheduled to perform at an upcoming Baltimore Orioles game.

He’s not your standard fare anthem performer, so I wanted to look at the value of the Orioles light risk in a non-tradition performer.

The sports entertainment industry is highly competitive. Taking creative risks can lead to unique and innovative content that sets a production apart from others. This differentiation can attract a larger and more engaged audience.  The Orioles are stepping out and already have attracted attention for the move in posts like the Instgram reel below and (importantly) like this Water Cooler post. 😜

Bold and unexpected elements in a production can also captivate the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Fans are more likely to tune in if they anticipate something novel or exciting that they haven’t seen before.  That “what will they do next” anticipation can help any team to focus fan interest and attention.  Fans appreciate when a production takes chances and pushes boundaries. It shows a commitment to providing the best possible entertainment experience. This can build a loyal fanbase that trusts the production to deliver high-quality and exciting content, and returns to the ballpark time after time.

Iconic moments in sports entertainment often come from taking risks, whether it’s a dramatic storyline, an unexpected plot twist, or an innovative performance. These memorable moments are what fans talk about, share on social media, and remember for years.  Which is exactly what Bill Veeck had in mind when he tried to create promotions that people would talk about.

Finally, for those involved in the production, taking creative risks can be personally fulfilling. It allows writers, directors, producers, and performers to experiment with new ideas and push their creative boundaries, leading to a more dynamic and enjoyable working environment.  The Orioles staff will likely be energized to watch fan reaction and feedback following this outside-the-box rendition.

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