Welcome to the New Gameops.com

Gameops.com has been rebuilt from the ground up. Relaunched in late May 2018. Here are some quick notes on the process and what you might find.

I’m proud to introduce Gameops.com 3.0…which is actually our not-so creative name for the third major site overhaul in 20 years.  This time we had to cut and paste, one-by-one every page of content into the new back-end…but right now the 2+ month project all seems worth it.

You’ll find most of the same content but we think its laid out better and a lot more modern and pleasing.  It also helps us create new content. Also after combing through all the old stuff, I think it really helped me see what content stands the test of time…so it will help guide decisions on what else we can add to the site.

The large image slider at the top of the home page showcases the featured content at the time, and the subsequent headers (blog, features, imprinted, water cooler) give you a sample of each.  At the top you can find a menu with all the categories….and when all else fails the magnifying glass Search icon at the top helps.

Couple notes:

  • Like our old site, some of the content is for “members only”.  The good news is membership is free and you only need to sign up once (your old log in/password is still the same). We only add this barrier so we can see who is reading and the relative break-down of our readership.  It also keeps the comment section a bit more useful.
  • Some sections are gone for now (like Acts and Vendor listings) and some we hope to reintroduce over time (like the promotion database).  If you miss certain content, please let us know (comment, tweet or email us).
  • Not every link is working (links the old site were manually done) but I assume I didn’t get every one.  Thanks for your patience, flag them in the comments if you are feeling helpful.
  • We tried to get the most popular best articles and interviews all transferred.  We didn’t get it all, but we are still adding new and reposting old.
  • The search feature, tags and categories are stronger, so finding content and related content should be easier than ever.
  • The Blog was a last minute add on, so I plucked a couple old pieces to re-post.  I’m note sure how often I will blog, but it is a good outlet…and obviously you know where to find it.

I’m excited about the new site and the added value to you the reader.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feedback welcome.

Thank you!


Game operations and entertainment in sports is growing, lively and diverse world. We are pulling together to talk about all aspects of event production and entertainment, and to get better along the way.  Join us to connect, grow and advance. Memberships include a weekly Huddle Zoom Call with industry leaders and network members. September guests are Heather Wojciechowski-DeCaire from the Milwaukee Admirals, Barry Anderson from Chicago Mascots and Kari Norvell from the Austin Gilgronis. Conversations will focus on virtual takeaways from the pandemic season of 2020, performer-first costuming to empower your performer and creating custom music in an era that is increasing difficult to navigate music rights and clearances.   Free One Month Trial is available now on Gameops.com PLUS.

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