Scaling Star Wars Night for Success

Star Wars Night is the ultimate scalable promotion. Start with the characters and this promotion is off and running. See how this Tier 1 Juniors hockey team makes big league magic using the Force.

Here’s reminder that Star Wars Night can be a lot of things, from scripted night long extravaganzas with giveaways, videos and fireworks.  Or it can be a simple celebration of the movies and characters.

Each year in the Best of Awards we mention the caveat that we consider the range of budgets and constraints on teams, which is important. Promotions don’t have to be expensive. They need to be thoughtful, clear and engaging.

The Blackhawks launch their Star Wars Night with visiting characters and added a lightsaber offer at the team shop.  Sprinkle in some thoughtful uses for the characters, movie music cuts and the team is making lasting memories for their fans.

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