The Water Cooler Megaphone on Blast

The Water Cooler is a Megaphone.

Just a reminder as we talk about the Water Cooler.

Bill Veeck wrote the value of a promotion isn’t in what it does for fans who see it, the value lies in creating conversation OUTSIDE your venue. In his world this meant around the water cooler at the office the next day.

Today that Water Cooler lives on-line.  And its not you talking it with 5 co-workers (which has the value Veeck sought), it is you noting it to all your followers.  Sometimes that gets amplified to your friends followers.  And other times that amplification is on BLAST and exponentially is sent to hundreds of thousands of people.

Here is an example.  WWE Live event in Eugene Oregon. Top star Becky Lynch throws out her shirt after her entrance to a little girl holding a Becky Lynch sign. Cute moment, and a moment that likely happens weekly. In Bill Veeck’s world the parents share that story and people talk about it around the water cooler.

In the world of social media, the girls parents get a handful of photos posted and a hilariously sweet video of the confused girl crying because she thought she had (accidentally) stolen Becky Lynch’s shirt.

The tweet what happens… the hashtag helps amplify the story and suddenly this is a viral moment, likely seen by millions of people.  And it’s a moment that has people talking.  WWE Superstar Becky Lynch replied back and her 1.8 million followers (and their followers) are talking about it now too.

The Water Cooler is on Blast sometimes.  What teams, mascots, players and talent do everyday can explode in great ways at any time.  Don’t forget to cultivate and create the moments, and be a part of the action on social media to help amplify them.


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