Victory Green in Dallas

Are you promotions connecting to the audience on an EMOTIONAL level? We look to Dallas and their VICTORY-GREEN call to action.

Love these COLOR-OUT promotions, especailly during the playoffs.

Great unity and community. Fans can FEEL the bond.  They connect and their cumulative force is greater.

Reminds me of a Huddle conversation we had with Cameron Hughes about FEELING a promotion.  This Huddle call featured a look at tapping into the EMOTION of your fan base and seeking out promotions and calls-to-action that will create unforgettable moments.

Recap: Can You Feel It? with Cameron Hughes


  • White Out in Tucson and its Winnipeg Origins – There is a White Out in Tucson for the playoff, right after a tail gate. We love the WHITE OUT, which is fan interactive, creates a visual spectacle, and its pretty easy to gets fans engaged. It’s also now a staple of game entertainment….so we thought it might be a good time to review where it came from as well.
  • Blackouts from Whiteouts – Blackouts, Whiteouts and the history of the promotion.
  • RED OUT in North Charleston – The ECHL has a partial start-up in December and the South Carolina Stingrays are roaring back with the first promotion we have seen.

Recently we posted this history of the White Out, which is part of the origin story for promotions like this.

White Out History


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