Twins Reliever Intro is Next Level

From Al Hrabosky to Jhoan Duran, creating a moment for a reliever has a slew of positive effects for your fans.

Jhoan Duran doesn’t just enter the game, he changes the game.

The Twins have created a massive entrance for their star reliever and it sets a daunting tone for opposing batters.  Following the trend for door-closing relievers like the Mets’ Narco trumpet intro for Edwin Diaz, the Twins’ new entrance hits at multiple levels.

First, it creates a moment that fans crave.  Being a part of that spectacle is something you’d share the next day with friends. It is tradition that fans will want to share.  It’s a real life water cooler moment you can brag to others, “have you been there when the Narco music hits?”

Also, the player becomes larger than life.  You aren’t creating their star, rather you are shining it up and making it bigger and brighter.  After years working in Live Events with WWE I have seen a great entrance take a performer from great to legendary.  Their work can be the same, but the entrance enhances their persona and creates a moment that fans will never forget, adding value to their already stellar performance.

Finally, players thrive on this. As we talked about on the Party in Back Podcast with Rafi Kohan there is a physical effect for players derived through emotion.  Rafi researched the performance enhancement of trash talking and these entrances can provided that same rush of adrenaline and endorphins for players. Not to mention the intimidation it can create for opposing players.

Here’s an old-school look at player generating his own moment, elevating his performance and using it to intimidate his opponents.

…and I know this was a Water Cooler moment, because I could not WAIT to share this with my friends after I saw the Mad Hungarian live at Metropolitan Stadium as a kid. (and I still do)


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