Twin Flyovers

We look at two flyovers and the process of scheduling the might of the US Military for your event.

Couple great flyovers featured this week, one from the Minnesota Twins and another with a MLS match in Kansas City.  Not just reserved for the Super Bowl, flyovers can be a specular way to punctuate a Military Appreciation Game or just to add a huge moment to your event.

The good new is that the costs associated with flyovers is typically paid for by the United States military. Flyovers are considered military’s training operations and are carried out by active-duty service members as part of their training.

The process starts with a form call the Department of Defense Form 2535 and the process can take up to 6 months to plan.

There is a really great article from How Stuff Works that details the process, along with some key insights and considerations.  Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the process or looking to book a flyover for their sporting event.

Meanwhile, you can just soak in the effect from these two shows…

PULSE: Military Appreciation


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