Drumming Up a Tradition in Philly

Philadelphia’s Union is building on their call and response tradition.

Traditions give body and content to your brand and show, connecting fans across games and seasons.

Done right they supply a donut of entertainment in your show, allowing you to add some variety to elements like this example from the MLS Union.

The Sixers have a tradition where a celebrity Rings the Liberty Bell before the game (see here: Ring My Bell in Philly) and the soccer team presents a moment with a massive drum which triggers a “UNION” chant in response.

Here Sixers star guard Tyrese Maxey leads the chant and affirms the tradition with some star power. It certainly helps that Maxey looks like he is having the time of his life doing it.

We talked more about these big traditions, how to build them and their value with Zoltan Berensci from the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters, a team who uses these traditions better than anyone.  You can see a recap of our conversation here: Recap: Traditions with Harlem Globetrotters Zoltan Berensci

Recap: Traditions with Harlem Globetrotters Zoltan Berensci

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