Taking the Bull By the Horns

Toro takes the bull by the horns and does his own camera work. Aside from the outward gag, it allows you to frame who is telling the story.

Toro was using Kiss Cam to feed his own jokes this month in Houston in this recent IG post.

In the Jim Henson biography (see below), Henson noted using puppets and Muppets to interact with people was disarming and it allows for the puppet to ask questions that no human could.  I think using your mascot as the camera operator has a similar disarming effect.  As if you know the joke is told with the lighthearted playfulness of a mascot instead of trying to assess the intent of the guy holding the camera.

It clarifies who is telling the joke, if you will.

Check out the fun CAM from Toro and consider the value of telling your fans that your mascot is the one behind the hijinx to see how it might allow you to push the envelope or reframe the story.


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