Tommy Makes a Nest

Tommy Hawk has made himself a new home at United Center….and its already paying dividend in-game, pre-game and online….plus a potpouri of posts from this famous bird.

Mascots are claiming their space lately, which is smart.

Gritty has the Chaos Corner, Benny’ has his Popcorn Section and now Tommy Hawk has built a nest at United Center.  These “places” help give the mascot something to do and a place be at games. Fans know where to look for their favorite furballs, where to find them for a photo and helps provide some context to what they do at games.

Here’s Tommy at work in his Nest…. see below for more details.

This is the second incarnation of Tommy’s nest, which just keeps improving over time.  The “build” has even been part of the story, with the video board catching Tommy adding sticks to it and setting up decorations in game to give it added character.

The nest is on wheels, so its mobile and can be used in multiple locations around United Center.  Inside there is even a small trampoline to give Tommy some added bounce.  Pre-game Tommy has used the Nest for photo opportunities with fans before moving into the bowl for the games.  It is reminiscent of Big Bird’s famous nest, which has long been a popular photo op for visitors on Sesame Street.

Birding to the Max!!!!!

In addition to pre-game photos and in-game skits and visuals, the Nest will be used for Social Media posts.

Tommy’s new mobile home has already given him a lot to work with as photo op, in-game home and social media setting.  We will have to keep an eye on Tommy’s clever new pad.


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