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Big money prize pay-offs have spread through sports and now are a part of nearly every major event. Sponsors love the strong impressions, teams love the entertainment value, and fans love the drama. How long does that process take?

Todd Overton: We will get you pricing in 24 hours on almost anything. We really work hard to provide the best customer service, since at the end of the day insurance is insurance is insurance. Most quotes from different vendors will be pretty similar, so we separate our company from the others with our service. And your charm and good looks.

Todd Overton: (no comment) What’s new this year, in terms of sports promotions?

Todd Overton: In hockey we have a new game that we tested last year and its really becoming popular. It is called Shuffle Hockey. It’s low maintenance and easy to run. A fan starts with a puck in a face off circle and shoots diagonally across ice trying to put the puck into the far face off circle. If it goes anywhere in the large circle the fan wins $100. If it stops in the face off dot they win $10,000.

We also have a new 6-shot sequence for hockey. A fan takes a shot from the 5 face off circles and one from the far corner on the red line. If they make all 6 shots they win.  Teams can also add that you can sponsor each of the six spots with smaller prizes which will also maintain the interest if they miss the first shot.

In basketball we have a contest just like the NBA’s 3-point All-Star shootout. Set up the same way, 5 racks of 5 balls. If they make 20 shots, they win the big prize.

In football we have a great promotion called the Kick-off Payoff. If your team returns the opening kick-off for a touchdown, a selected fan wins. It is a great contest for restaurants and bars as well. What should a team look for when choosing a prize indemnification company (other than your logo)?

Todd Overton: Along with the final quote comparison, you should consider these 4 things:

  1. Who have they worked with?
  2. Who have they paid (teams and contacts)? Ask for referrals.
  3. Who is their underwriter?
  4. How long have they been in business?

If one bid is significantly different from the rest, you should be leery. Most of this is straight odds, so the bids should all be relatively close.The deciding factor is often who can we trust to pay quickly and who will provide us with the best customer service.

Thanks to Todd Overton and SCA Promotions for this months interview.

Todd Overton can be reached at at their website or (888) 860-6623.

The prize indemnification industry exploded in 1993 after a contestant for a Million Dollar Shot at a Chicago Bulls game made the shot.

The contest gained national exposure for the Bulls as well as their sponsor. That one event showcased that “it can happen” while showing sponsors the clear value it provided. The contest also showed the incredible emotion the event can generate and created an increased demand by fans for contests of that nature.

The contest also had some interesting ancillary fallout. The indemnifier refused to pay the claim, costing them their reputation. Michael Jordan, who was so caught up by the emotion of the event, at one point even offered to pay him if the Bulls and the indemnifier would not. In the end the contestant was paid for making the three-quarter court shot.

The contestant was recruited by the Harlem Globetrotters and briefly toured with them as the “Million Dollar Man”.

Portland Trailblazers with a winner…

Read what happened when a prize contestant is disqualified in this Water Cooler Moment – She Wins A Car!

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