Like a Moth to a Flame, Thunderbug Lights Up Tampa

Thunderbug Lights Up Tampa by tapping into his character to create a clever skit.

When you know your character, skit writing gets easier.

Here is a great example from ThunderBUG.  Yeah, he’s a Bug.  So he acts and reacts like a bug.

Take a look.

We had 90 years of mascot experience on a Huddle last year talking about skit writing. One of the points was foucsing on your character, who you are.

When I am stuck I like to think about the Characters involved.  How would I REACT as a Dog.  Does this skit work for my character or what aspect to I need to refine to make it work for me.

That can help you get unstuck, or in some cases it can be the WHOLE story.  Like this bug just being completely distracted by the light.  Funny stuff from a great character.

Wants to see more, check this Huddle for more skit writing tools.

Recap: Mascot Mousetrap

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