Thunderbirds Skirt Child Labor Laws

Thunderbirds let the kids takeover, plus more Kid’s Day thoughts and the Ice-o-Topes are returning.

The Thunderbirds ignored local child labor laws in this playful promotion that gave over 20 jobs to local kids for their show.

Shown here one youngster signed a team contract with their mascot.

Kid’s Day usually includes a youthful take on hosting, PA announcing, music and mascot assisting.  We looked at the Nickelodeon presentation of the NFL last year which also can provide some additional positioning of a kids game…which is not only presenting your show with kids rather trying to present the games in a way kids would.  Read that article here: Letting Kids REALLY Takeover


Also coming soon in Springfield: 2022 Edition of Ice-o-Topes Night : 30 year anniversary of the Simpsons triggers big night in Springfield.

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