This is gonna be Bananas

Breaking the internet on a regular basis and coming to a ballpark near you….

Darlings of the internet and this site, Savannah Bananas are going all across North America in 2023 …. and people are losing their minds.

Dancing first base coaches, flaming bats and players in kilts.  All of it plus probably a hundred new ideas they haven’t thought of yet are coming to a town near you.

Don’t miss what is sure to be a huge jolt of creative energy for you and your team.


  • Andy is coming to Savannah – Bananas hit the deck in an effort to protect Andy from knowing they are alive and to entertain the Banana faithful.
  • Recap: Totally Bananas Creativity – Zack Frongillo is a classically trained dancer who is helping the Savannah Bananas break the internet. We recap our Huddle Call with Zach and look at their totally Bananas take on creativity.
  • Bananas Change the Game – Bunting sucks. ‘Why don’t we ban it?’ plus 8 more rules that helped the Savanah Bananas change the game. Read more on Banana Ball.
  • Bananas Halloween Trick – The Savanah Bananas are inspiring fans everywhere….in some unique ways.
  • Throwback Thursday Banana-Style – Throwing Back on Thursday, Banana Style.
  • February 2021 Party in the Back Podcast – Savannah Bananas owner Jesse Cole joins the Party in the Back podcast. Jesse is the author of “Find Your Yellow Tux” and the engine behind the fun for minor league baseball’s wildest show. The Bananas have sold out every game since their first season and now have a waiting list in the thousands. Plus Rob Wicall on Kid’s Day promotions and fan cutouts.
  • Growling Grannys in KZoo – The Growlers are making news with some playful hires and in-game entertainment.
  • Best of 2021– The Best of 2021 Awards. COVID changed the way teams present game entertainment and these winners have adjusted and excelled including the Savannah Bananas.
  • He Picked the Best Person to Introduce Himself – This player thoughtfully considered his walk up music and even who is the best person to introduce his at bat…
  • Find Your Yellow Tux by Jesse Cole – Jesse Cole digs into how doing business differently can lead to your most rewarding successes, on the field and in life.

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