July 2024 Party in the Back Podcast

July 2024 Party in the Back Podcast includes a lively discussion with Shine Entertainment’s Amanda Greco on taking risks, connecting music to your promotions, pushing performers and the value of a building a big bullpen entrance.

🪂 🌭 Hot Dogs from Heaven 🌭 🪂

Music soothes the savage beast and can take fans back to your most memorable activations. Read how Seattle has connected music to their Hot Dog drop to maximize the impact.

On Deck, Our Dad!

Great memorable moment for fans, kids and player alike on deck in Oakland.

September 2021 Party in the Back Podcast

Executives Chris Cameron and Geoff Iacuessa from the Portland Sea Dogs and Peterborough Petes’ Burton Lee join the Party in the Back to talk cornfields, whoopie pies and more.