Trying Things in Portland

Check this “Northeastern” mentality that makes the unlikely connection between Hall of Fame Mascot Slugger and former Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis.

September 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

Jon Cudo and Rob Wicall talk about Secret Handshake promotions and their role in building exclusivity and unity with your fans. Hear how these promotions can turn customers into family, plus the amazing draft story of Japanese Hockey Legend Taro Tsujimoto.

#TBT – Mascot Auditions in MSP

Throwback 35 years to a mascot audition in Minnesota, with a couple audition best practices that can help you find the right performer.

Playoff Visits in Dallas

This NHL mascot dialed up the swag for their playoff run to add value to his in-game delivery program.

Winning Blooper

Blooper carries the buzz of a WIN onto the field and onto social marketing with this winning tradition.