March 2024 Party in the Back Podcast

Long-time Mascot Performer, Speaker, Entrepreneur and now notable Author Rob Wicall joins the Podcast to talk about his new book Furlosphy. The book looks at how his time in costume has shaped his current success in life and business.

Stinger Celly in Cbus

Stinger flexes on some mite hockey players, much like the NHL flexes its stable of mascot talent at All-Star Weekend.

Icy Scans for a Quick Response

Icy captures some eyeballs with a pink thong and then turns that into clicks for an event via QR code. It is mascot week at the Water Cooler.

Blooper Santa in ATL

Santa Blooper is back with fan reaction to this years unique ballpark experience.

We the Big North

The Raptors big inventory of forth quarter props includes a selection from this Nebraska-based company.

Golden Bloopers from Iowa

A low-power (funny) blooper from Herky the Hawkeye serves as a high-powered reminder to maintain your launcher.