Winning Blooper

Blooper carries the buzz of a WIN onto the field and onto social marketing with this winning tradition.

Nice Shoes, Graduate!

Mascot identity is revealed in a fantastic moment for performer, family, friends and school program. Take a look at the real Cocky!

Bunker Birthday Party Socks

Mascot Nights are a chaotic spectacle. We look at how they have grown and an example of adding a giveaway to the night in Fayetteville.

Shoey in Philly

Gritty finds new ways to celebrate with fans. This one borders on disgusting and has its origins in World War One.

Classic Bits from Hartford

Wolf Pack Mascot Sonar leans into a classic bit. We look at the origins and get a word in with the current King of Pie-facing.

March 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

Every mascot wears a mask cloaking their identity. Colts’ mascot Blue removes his mask to help kids in powerful way. Trey Mock joins the Party in the Back to explain.

Bernie is Current

Bernie is hip to current event and it’s helping him drive top-level content for the Avs.