Drone Shows are Now INSANE

Drone shows are improving rapidly. We look at why this improvement is coming so quickly and the top companies behind it.

Sadness POPS from the Inside Out

Want to take your mascot performance from “guy in a costume” to a thriving “character”? Check this performance out from a live Disney show and see the importance of doing everything you do in character.


We take an exhaustive look at Streaking. 😆 If you are into mascot nudity we have the Dallas Stars mascot’s recent furry run, a Gritty highlight, NFL streaking from 15+ years ago and a story from the mascot archives.

🪂 🌭 Hot Dogs from Heaven 🌭 🪂

Music soothes the savage beast and can take fans back to your most memorable activations. Read how Seattle has connected music to their Hot Dog drop to maximize the impact.

Performance Tips from the Dream

Legendary Professional Wrestler Dusty Rhodes passes on skills to his sons, that apply to mascots and in-game performers. See how the American Dream helped develop new charismatic stars.

Haudenosaunee Night

This culture night in Syracuse is the local first ever Haudenosaunee Night, including themed jersey, honoring traditions and post-game fireworks.