Fort Wayne Komets

April 2024 Party in the Back Podcast

Jon Long (Oil Kings) and Scott Sproat (Komets) discuss their successful Ghostbusters Movie Nights. They share the importance of giving their fans something fresh and new and striving to get a reaction from their fans. Who you gonna call?

Icy Scans for a Quick Response

Icy captures some eyeballs with a pink thong and then turns that into clicks for an event via QR code. It is mascot week at the Water Cooler.

White Out the Weekend in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne whites out a full weekend. We look at why and the origins of this this powerful promotion, along with insight on how it was shaped by a partner’s business goals.

PULSE: Star Wars Night

Star Wars Nights are a sports marketing phenomenon. We take the Pulse from dozens of teams with examples, insights and inspiration to make your fans feel the Power of the Force!

Alrighty Then Komets

Komets are on-point with this Pet Detective Night, complete with humane society connection and amazing custom jerseys.