el paso Chihuahuas

El Paso Mariachi Band

Addition of custom promotional photos make this in-game performance feel important in El Paso.

PULSE: Star Wars Night

Star Wars Nights are a sports marketing phenomenon. We take the Pulse from dozens of teams with examples, insights and inspiration to make your fans feel the Power of the Force!

Dress For Success in El Paso

El Paso doesn’t just ask fans to come to their games…they are asking them to be PART of their games with this latest partnered theme night.

Chihauhaus are for everyone

El Paso Baseball teams efforts are getting noticed by fans…and they will be back for the Chihauhau’s inclusive ballpark setting.

Promoting The Fine Life

The Chihuahua’s connect a sponsor branding into a fan activation for an effective promotion.

December 2020 Party in the Back Podcast

A Roundtable Discussion regarding the Best of 2020 Awards on  Host Jon Cudo is joined by three industry giants who take the party to the next level. 

June 2020 Party in the Back Podcast

Assistant AD at Penn State University Chris Grosse returns to talk about sports during and after the pandemic. He shares the success behind Penn States epic Virtual Tailgate and more. Lots of great insights from Chris. Then Anne Wright spent years helping NBA teams refine their game presentations helps us decide on the best Water Cooler moments from May.