Daytona Tortugas

Shelldon Pops Off

Shelldon pops off on social media to celebrate reaching his goals.

Best of 2022

The Best of 2022 Awards. Innovation, variety and creativity shine in this year’s look at the Best in Game Operations and Entertainment.

December 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

A Roundtable Discussion regarding the Best of 2022 Awards on Host Jon Cudo is joined by three industry insiders who take the party to the next level. Featuring Amanda Greco, Ben Hill and Rich Meyers.

Thirst Trap Thursday

All of Daytona will be trying to keep a turtle in a shell tonight thanks to a Twitter bet by @YoungProfessorG.

Shelldon Thrills

Shelldon was counting the days to drop this thrilling mash-up dance party on Daytona.