Stingrays Ring in the New Year with a YES!

Excellent production of a proposal makes this a night to remember. 💍

The Stingrays found a way to ring in the new year with this on-ice proposal.

Note two elements of their production staging that made this moment shine.

First, while her back is turned and he gets down on a a knee, she is able to catch a glimpse of what’s happening on the videoboard in front of her.  In a way she joins the crowd in seeing what’s happening before it really happens to her.  Such a sweet moment as she turns to see if that’s really happening.

Second, the mascot and host who thoughtfully set-up the magic moment fade out of the shot and center stage and let these two have their moment. The magic is in the couple, not the game night staff for this and graciously giving up the stage heightened the impact of the moment.

Really well done production for the great crew in South Carolina.

Finally, check that last photo where they SHARED THEIR SUCCESS with an engagement photo for the ages.


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