Stayin’ Alive in Miami

Burnie prepares for new mascot night theme and we peek back at a mishap from 2016.

Fun new theme twist for Burnie’s upcoming Mascot Night, it’s Disco Night in Miami this weekend.

Mascot Nights have become a staple for many teams creating a unique night of fun and chaos.  While these always stand out from other promotions, they can sometimes start to all look like the last Mascot Party.

Love this twist merging a disco theme to this year’s event giving the event some new life and something to refine the music and theme.

This reoccurring event reminded some of a mishap at about 7 years ago. Hopefully this year’s disco party goes off without a hitch.  😅

A who’s who of Miami’s mascot community came out last night to American Airlines Arena to “Feel the Burn.” No, that’s not a political statement. It was Miami Heat mascot Burnie’s birthday, and the team celebrated it during the game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Some of the mascots ended up feeling more of the Burn than they intended, though.

Update from Miami, here is a post from the Disco Night Party:

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