Star Wars Week: Naturals Shine the Light

Naturals shine the light where there was only darkness.

A week of Star Wars highlights wraps up with a nod to a very smart move from the NW Arkansas Naturals. Often we can forget that what is common place for us, like where Will Call is, what time doors open or when the fireworks will start…is all foreign and mysterious to fans who come to a handful or fewer games a year. Promotions like Star Wars Night are designed to lure in a demographic you don’t normally reach. So that youngster who really wants to meet Chewbacca may not know the name of your best players.  Which is why I love this simple post by the Naturals leading up to their Star Wars Night.

The post not only hits the high points of their Star Wars Night, but gives newbies some tips and insights to help make what might be a rare night at the ballpark a little easier.  Also gives fans who are coming primarily for the Star Wars extras more details on the event.

The Force is strong with the Naturals (sorry, I felt like this was necessary).

I hope you enjoyed the week of Star Wars focused content.  Teams really did some amazing May the Fourth promotions this year and it was hard to whittle this down to just five days of Water Coolers.

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