Stanley’s Square Site

Stanley using a Square Site to sell deliveries and much more….

Stanley C Panther was making deliveries for Valentines Day and making it easy for fans with a custom Square Site for check out.

Stanley will personally deliver a dozen roses to your loved one at their home or office to make their Valentines Day one they will never forget.
But that’s not all, Stanley also uses the site to book and manage his in-game visits. You can check out for $100 and get this in-game bundle:
To make sure you have the best possible experience at a Panthers game, Stanley will make you a custom video during the game and send it to you while you are at the game. The message can be customized and you can keep it forever. The to top it all off you will receive a prize pack that includes an Alumni player signed photo (8×11″), Stanley and Viktor autograph cards, Stanley wall flag, Viktor toothbrush holder and a toy rat.

Virtual visits and scoreboard messages can also be arranged on the site. He also uses it to sell giveaway items and autographs to raise money for his program and charity.

Really useful and easy to use tool from Stanley.

Mascots across the country have created these delivery programs to spread joy and often generate revenue or income.

We are currently working on a new PULSE article.  These articles are quick trips around sports asking Game Operations personnel a topical question. We bulk the answers together to showcase what’s happening at different levels and sports.

In the article we will compile submissions from mascots and teams across the country with insight and tips on how to successfully make mascot deliveries.  If you or your team makes any mascot deliveries (in-game, holiday or otherwise) we would LOVE to hear about it. The form just takes a few minutes and we will make sure you receive credit for your insight and submission. Thank you!


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