Spreading the Bucks All Around

Stacking elements can take your promotion from good to great, like the Monarchs, Storm Chasers, Bluejays and RubberDucks.

Promotions are best when they are spread all around your presentation. Ushers, food, giveaways, entertainers, music, graphis…. each help tell the story and build the promotion into something greater than its parts.

Here the KC Monarchs held a Buck On’Neil Day and they spread the love all around.

John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil Jr. (November 13, 1911 – October 6, 2006) was a first baseman and manager in the Negro American League, mostly with the Kansas City Monarchs. After his playing days, he worked as a scout and became the first African American coach in Major League Baseball. In his later years he became a popular and renowned speaker and interview subject, helping to renew widespread interest in the Negro leagues, and played a major role in establishing the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022 as an executive.

✅ Giveaway

✅ Pre-Game Experience

✅ Related Food and Drink Specials

✅ Informational context with Interview

The Monarchs stacked the smaller elements into a larger presentation to make the theme impactful.  It’s a great model for looking at our own promotions to see how we can add elements to enhance the overall message.

Is there a food item, like the Omaha Storm Chasers adding a special on Rocky Road Ice Cream for the game they changed into the Omaha Potholes? See High Five – Omaha Potholes (Storm Chasers)

Dos your giveaway enhance a theme night, like the Reno Aces’ tank theme bobblehead on Military Appreciation Day? Tank Bobblehead and Fireworks for the Troops

And of course who doesn’t want to meet Batman and Superman at Superhero Night, or see them throw out the first pitch?  Each of these small flourished help make the themes more memorable. Superhero Night in Dunedin

And of course having your host talk like a pirate on the night you give away Pirate Flags is completely inspired: Speaking their Language on Fan Appreciation Night

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