Speak to your audience, Confuse everyone else

I’m always a fan of promotions that speak to your audience and especially those messages that might be JUST for your audience.  As in, they may just confuse everyone else.  First, it is logical.  Of course you are reaching out to your fans.  Second, you bond with fans because implicitly you understand each other.  But then finally, how great is it when you make everyone else scratch their head and run to google.

Which leads me to this interesting ‘locals-only’ promotion from the Tennessee Smokies promoting Opening Day of Turkey Season.  Growing up in an urban setting turkey is something you buy for thanksgiving or in slices at the deli. In Tennessee its also something you set your clock for and hunt. (I would however understand Opening Fishing Weekend as a Minnesotan). The Smokies used the date for this cleverly timed bundled promotion.

This is a fun promo that speaks to people in their market and one I don’t think I have ever seen before.  Which makes me ask “What’s your locals-only promotion?” The promotion everyone in your market nods along with knowingly and the rest of the world wonders about?

Tennessee Smokies (@smokiesbaseball)

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