Socks and Sorcery from Erie

Otters have a full night of spells and socks for fans in this well-considered promotional night.

Nice tiered Wizard Night from the Otters, with a fun House-themed contest as well.

The team has a sign-up for to pick your house and points are tabulated based on game action.  Good connection with the movie with a bit of a fantasy footballesque twist.

Plus their Sock Night (like a teddy bear toss, but with socks).

Looks like a thoughtful and busy promotional night in Erie.

Abra, Kadraba, Alakazam! For the second year in a row, we’re bringing the wonderful world of Wizardry Night to the EIA on Saturday, October 29.

Come out and see your favorite magical characters from different franchises, dress up as your favorite witch or wizard for the costume contest, and prepare to be spellbound. Magic is about more than spells though – the Otters are hosting their second-annual Sock Toss during the night to help those in our community as the temperatures begin to dip. Fans are encouraged to bring new, packaged men’s, women’s, and children’s socks to toss on the ice during the first intermission.

Magic is in the air on the Halloweekend!

Alt Teddy Bear Toss in Erie

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