Saturday Night Live in Calgary

The Calgary Flames get their pandemic creative juices flowing with an excellent pre-game video.

Really fun intro video from the Calgary Flames. The pandemic is fueling some creativity, sometimes just due to the freedom having fewer fans. It is a great time to have fun, take chances and remove the guardrails.

In this video the team introduces some of the big names in their current show, including a woman from Health and Safety and the Zamboni driver.

These playful introductions aren’t only for the pandemic. I recall the Columbus Blue Jackets with a similar SNL introduction for a Saturday Night game during a Six from Six Game review. They used the SNL-theme to differentiate a Saturday game on their calendar. Unfortunately I don’t have video from that open, but you can read the description and see other photos and video from the game on the Six From Six – Columbus Blue Jackets game review.

Also from Calgary:

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