Slugger is Doing Things

Slugger is out there doing the Small things that make his character a Big deal.

In our article Make or Break: Mascot Appearances we talked about ways to make your appearances interesting and fun:

When I tell people about my job, many find this part most interesting: That it’s different almost every day. If I’ve done 4000 events (and I have) I can’t think of many that were the same. Even annual events change, evolve and grow making each unique. It’s a job perk as long as you aren’t searching for monotony. It also allows mascots to carve out something special for any event.

High-level mascots don’t just show up to an appearance with a costume and a bottle of Gatorade.  They arrive with a plan.

Something different and unique done to match the theme of the event or to somehow make this appearance different that all the others.

Here’s a high-level mascot (Hall of Fame Mascot!) Slugger from the Portland Sea Dog as a recent parade.  Is he just walking the route, shaking hands or tossing candy? Nope.  He came with a plan.

Here he is with an American Flag to honor the fallen on Memorial Day.

It’s simple, but it it effective.  It differentiates this appearances from the rest.  It connects.  His appearance will stand out, because he did something different.

In addition, these small gestures add up to create the whole persona.  Without them, you aren’t going to stand out and become a fully formed character.

“A brand is a living entity-and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.”
~ Michael Eisner

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