Beginning, Middle and End of MeLVin

MeLVin’s mascot skit is short sweet and effective.

In the midst of a national polar vortex, everyone was thinking about the weather this week.  Lehigh Valley Phantoms mascot MeLVin slid in with a quick skit.

We have talked a lot about skits and skit writing on the podcast with heavy hitters like David Raymond and Rob Wicall.  One of the critical part to a good skit, is a definable beginning, middle and end.

  • January 2018 Podcast – Mascot turned Author Zach Hall and Entertainer Rob Wicall.
  • February 2017 Podcast – Rob Wicall and David Raymond join Cudo to talk about making moments and steps to improve mascot skit generation.
  • June 2016 Podcast – Rob Wicall gives skit writing insight and notes the  difference between a Bit and a Skit.

Here MeLVin is short, sweet and effective.

  1. Beginning – The shovel awaits (set during the snow storm), everyone can relate.
  2. Middle – MeLVin enters and knows what has to be done.
  3. End – MeLVin slowly and sadly accepts his fate.

It can be this simple, and when you have all three it can be this clear and effective.

High Five – Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Game Show Night)

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