Simba at Citi Field

Simba Cam from New York, but an overview of what the Water Cooler is and why we do it.

The very definition of the Water Cooler is creating a promotion that people want to talk about.  The fan gets a value from having been there and they want others to know about what they experienced.

When I saw this tweet I knew it epitomized the spirit of the Water Cooler.

Blasting on Social Media: LOOK WHAT I SAW LAST NIGHT!

Perfect….and now with nearly 20,000 likes people are talking around the (social) water cooler about what the Mets did.  This is the modern day Water Cooler Bill Veeck would have loved.

The Water Cooler dates back to January 2018 on this version of the website (some previous Water Cooler posts were removed when we updated the site). Every day Monday thru Friday we look at ways teams are creating moments in their show that get people talking.

This is from Bill Veeck’s book the Hustler’s Handbook, which in many ways was the birthplace of modern game operations and entertainment.

“It isn’t enough for a promotion to be entertaining or even amusing; it must create conversation.  When the fan goes home and talks about what he has seen, he is getting an additional kick out of being able to say he was there.  Do not deny him the simple pleasure, especially since he is giving you the invaluable word-of-mouth advertising to add to the newspaper reports.”

– Bill Veeck (Hustler’s Handbook)

 Veeck looked to create some daily magic at game, insuring that fans were part of something bigger.  A moment that they would want to share and tell a friend about.  That added value to a friend was, of course, also free word-of-mouth advertising for Veeck.  Now in the word of social media those moments are more powerful than ever.

Bill Veeck

This is (approx) the 1,360 edition of the Water Cooler…and the conversations are just getting started.

We are glad you joined us.

Many posts have links to related content on the site like this:

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And recently we have been adding some 5 years ago links to the Water Cooler.

Appreciation from Akron

Thank you reading, spot back when ever you want to see what people are talking about or just to get inspired.

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