Silent Reminder

The annual reminder that Silent Night is incredible.

As I note annually on the Best of Awards Roundtable, there is a promotion that to me sets the bar.  It could be the “Best Promotion” every year (and probably should be).  It pops up like this every year with some social media hits where people either first see it or are reminded of the wonder and joy of this incredible annual tradition from Taylor University.

The promotion is called Silent Night, here is the wiki summary:

Every year the Friday before final exams, Taylor University has the Silent Night Men’s Basketball game. In it, students remain quiet until the tenth point is scored and then erupt in cheering. In the late moments of the game, “Silent Night” is sung  A former assistant coach came up with the idea in the late 80s and it was a packed event by the mid-to-late 1990s. Afterward, students can go to the President’s campus-wide party involving live Christmas music, making and eating Christmas cookies, and making gingerbread houses.

I had the thrill of attending this promotion and have never see a more powerful evening of emotion, joy and community.  The power of the silence to start the game, the absolute bedlam of the 10 point celebration and the emotional unity of song near the end of the game is unforgettable.

Its organic, historical and somewhat mystical….and likely impossible to replicate.

But a good reminder of what’s possible.

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And our full story is here:

Silent Night – Taylor University

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