Shelldon Thrills

Shelldon was counting the days to drop this thrilling mash-up dance party on Daytona.

Who knew it was halfway to Halloween? For starters Shelldon from the Daytona Tortuga was counting the days to drop this beat.

Great on field skit from Shelldon, hitting all the beats in this mash-up.

Rob Wicall stressed the importance of a skit having a beginning, middle and end this month on the Party in the Back podcast.  Here Shelldon demonstrates all three steps used to build this skit for fans.  Beginning sets-up the Halloween theme, the middle transitions to the big (thrilling) ending. Along the way everyones favorite reptile gets to hit all the classic moves.

And of course Shelldon is a 21st-Century mascot who shares on social media as well.

June 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

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