Share Your Success

TinCaps use the goodwill from their last promotion to sell their next promotion.

Great promotional tweet from the TinCaps.

Teams have dozens of theme nights and promotions during the year and there are almost ALWAYS more posts about the upcoming promotions than the CURRENT promotions.

Of course that is all part of the marketing, however the BEST way to tell fans your NEXT promotion is worthy of their attention is to SHOW them that your LAST promotion was great.

“It hasn’t been an easy road to get here, but we couldn’t be more excited to see Parkview Field full again for the first time in nearly two full years,” said Michael Limmer, TinCaps Vice President – Marketing & Promotions. “This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our fans, especially our season-ticket holders and corporate partners. Now we continue to work to maintain our reputation as the No. 1 ballpark experience in Minor League Baseball.”

Share your success.

Share that your promotions are not just a means to get them to the game, they are a big part of the value.

I was just interested to see how many teams do this.  I randomly picked a team’s feed (team will be unnamed). I looked back at 25 days and found 17 tweets about upcoming promotions and 2 looking back at their successes.  I will add that I was surprised there were two.  A second team only used photo collages of past events (which is part of this) but no tweets that just said “LAST NIGHT’S THEME WAS GREAT!  …SEE!”  Might be a good test of your feed to see how much you are sharing your success.

If you don’t tell people how important (aka valuable and fun) your past promotions have been, why will they believe your next one will be valuable and fun?

Perfect example from the TinCaps here, showing Johnny TinCap celebrating their Country Music Night with big smiles all around…WHILE they promote their upcoming 80’s Night.

Two birds, one stone.  Great model for a promotion/theme night tweet.

2021 TinCaps Theme Nights

  • Friday, July 9 – ’90s Night
  • Friday, July 23 – Summer Games Night
  • Friday, Aug. 13 – Country Music Night
  • Friday, Aug. 27 – ’80s Night

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