Share Your Succes Founder Jon Cudo looks at the value of sharing the success of your last promotions in order to enhance the value of your next promotion.

Promotions add value to your show. They differentiate your game and provide entertainment value for fans.

  • Doing promotions is important.
  • Doing promotions well is important.
  • Fans experiencing promotions is important.
  • Fans talking about promotions is important. (this is the Bill Veeck Water Cooler philosophy)

“It isn’t enough for a promotion to be entertaining or even amusing; it must create conversation.  When the fan goes home and talks about what he has seen, he is getting an additional kick out of being able to say he was there.  Do not deny him the simple pleasure, especially since he is giving you the invaluable word-of-mouth advertising to add to the newspaper reports.”
Bill Veeck (Hustler’s Handbook)

  • TEAMS talking about promotions is important.

This last point is what we call “Sharing your Success“. Making fans REGRET missing the last promotion. Showcasing the promotion in the best light and hanging a lantern on your efforts.

Why is this so important?

Because the BEST way to tell fans your NEXT promotion is worth their attention is to SHOW them your LAST promotion was great.

If you don’t tell people your past promotions were important (aka valuable and fun), why will they believe your next one will be?

Another reason to share these “wins” is it provides evidence you share the same goals as your audience.  When you promote and feature highlights of what they enjoy you confirm you are on the same page.

You are working toward the shared goal of an event with high entertainment value. Fans will identify you are working to provide what they seek, added entertainment value to their sporting event experience.

It might be helpful to know that sharing your accomplishments not only helps you but others as well. Accomplishment stories can provide that critical information proving that you’re credible and good at what you do, which can help colleagues, managers, or future employers make wiser business decisions. (from

Consider this post from the Reading Fightin Phils:

This isn’t a promotion that Taylor Swift is coming to the game to sing the anthem.  It’s a showcase that Fightin Phils’ anthems are GREAT, interesting and memorable. Something you’ll tell your kids you witnessed. The Phils shared the success of a past anthem to tell you they take anthem singers seriously.  It’s a past anthem that makes the next anthem more interesting.

Here the Atlanta Gladiators shine light on their whole season of highlights. In the same way it is a reminder that every season is full of memories and moments.  In more granular way, this reminder can come after every promotion to the same effect.  Proof that your goals match fan desires.

The most common way is on social media.  Sharing with your followers photos and video of the fun.

Another valuable tool is creating a sizzle reel of your promotions for your show. A pre-game or in-game video of highlights can be entertaining content of the fun you’ve created, plus a reminder that you are making memories and creating smiles nightly.  Fans will want to be a part of it.

For example, any fan who watches this recap from the Hershey Bear’s Teddy Bear Toss is going to want to come next year. These magic moments cut from the highlights of all your promotions should be shared with fans.  It strengthens the case that your next promotion will be MUST SEE.

Finally, be sure to share with an air of gratitude, thanking fans for being a part of the success.

Forbes contributor Amy Morin says “Make it clear that you don’t think you deserve good fortune simply because you are a great person. Show gratitude by saying, “I am so grateful that the company gave me this opportunity,” or “I’m thankful that so many people are interested in hearing my message.”  In a sports context, thanking fans for adding their energy and sharing in the fun is a great way to include them in your promotional victory.  Reflect you are grateful that fans have shared their time and energy to make the moments better.

We love seeing teams Share their Success, here are more posts featuring teams making their next promotions feel more important by shining a light on what they just accomplished.

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