Sewing the Show Together

Avs perfectly lean into their fan anthem for Stanley Cup review and Banner raising.

The Avs continue their championship-level work, this time raising a banner and celebrating their Stanley Cup Championship.

And they managed to connect all the dots along the way, including using Blink-182 lead man Mark Hoppus to kick off a “All the Small things” sing-along.

“Let’s make some noise!” the front man shouted into the microphone. “Congratulations! You did it!

“Thanks so much for taking our band along for the ride!”

The song is synonymous with the Avs, their crowd and their championship run of 2022.  Here the team used the anthem as the track for their season in review and lets the fans belt out the lyrics.

We had a great conversation with Kroenke Sports Steve Johnston on a recent Huddle Call which included a look at how this tradition started in Denver.  Full recap is available here:

Recap: An Avalanche of Creativity with Steve Johnston

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