September 2017 Podcast

The Arena Author Rafi Kohan discusses his new book in the inner working of sports on the September 2017 Podcast.

Cudo is joined by Author Rafi Kohan for the September 2017 Podcast.  Rafi shares insight from his new Book THE ARENA: Inside the Tailgating, Ticket-Scalping, Mascot-Racing, Dubiously Funded, and Possibly Haunted Monuments of American Sport.  Our wide -ranging discussion targeted at Game Operations Directors, Mascots and people working in sports operations, but the book is a great read for any sports fan.

Cudo and Kohan talk about Bill Veeck’s continued influence, the odor of a mascot, where halftime acts come from, the balance between Winning and Fun (and the importance of getting that right), and what happens in the bowels of an arena.  Find out what you might see on Camera 7, how Bill Veeck might handle modern day video boards and hear Rafi’s tale of being at center court assisting one of today’s most daring halftime acts.

Strong recommendation for this book, which includes an absolutely fantastic and surreal story behind one of the most popular halftime show.

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Show Notes and Mentions

Time codes for topics due in part to the complaints submitted by Mick Rowan.

4:30 – Working “around sports”.  How little of the game you get to watch.
6:10 Segmented experiences
11:10 The evolution of what being “together” means and how it relates to fan experience
12:40 Rafi goes to a Dance Party and a Football Party broke out at ATT Stadium
13:30 Winning versus Fun Discussion
15:30 Maintaining the old magic of Fenway Park in the age of new technology
16:30 Kansas City Royals Game Entertainment Model.
19:10 1990’s Era Chicago Bulls Model
16:30 The value of knowing why people are coming to the game
20:30 Bill Veeck and his influence, and how legitimately (and delightfully) weird he was.  The infectiousness of fun.
24:30 How Bill Veeck might treat video board cams
28:00 Halftime Acts and the utterly amazing story surrounding The Amazing Sladek.
32:30 Assisting The Amazing Sladek during a Halftime Show
35:15 Rafi talks about Mascots, including how cell phones have ruined mascot comedy
40:30 Rafi turns the tables and questions Cudo on mascot performers
42:00 Rafi shares what he looks for now when he goes to games as a fan
44:30 A discussion about building changeovers and the people who make that happen, how different roles of people in sports intercept and how they interact.
47:30 Cudo plays a game of “Would you Rather?” with Rafi

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