September 2015 Podcast

A potpourri of experts and vagabonds from around sports join Pat Walker and Jon Cudo for the September 2015 Edition of the Podcast.

We stop just short of calling this the “All-New” Podcast, but we did update the format.  Use the form below if you have any comments of feedback.

We start with a promotional review including a Xavier University promotion that caught Pat Walker’s attention.  Cudo highlights the Chicago Bears jersey page,a Tampa Yankees game that almost became a circus, a ticket-driving puppet giveaway in Boston, The Cyclones Sid Finch Bobblehead Night, the Chihuahuas Valentines Night, and Memphis sports teams sharing some Memphis-love.

Then Benjamin Hill from MiLB.cmo joins the podcast to update his recent travels and notable promotions.

A new feature called the #TuesdayTip with Matt Heuer debuts and Matt shares how to maximize a celebrity visit.

Last month Cudo traveled to Minnesota and caught up with Assistant General Manager of the Saint Paul Saints Scott Bush who spends a couple minutes on the podcast talking about their most popular on-field promotion.

Pat and Jon then give Best of Nominations to a couple baseball mascots and a Minor League baseball team from “The best minor league city in the county”.

And before the guys wrap up with a handful of Shout Outs, we hear from the First Class section with a quick update from one of the most celebrated and popular halftime acts Simon Sez Steve Max.

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Show Notes
This month’s edition of the Podcast is hosted by Editor Jon Cudo and Pat Walker.  We also bring in several others including Scott Bush, Matt Heuer, Steve Max, and Benjamin Hill to discuss game operations and promotions all around sports.

Thanks to drunkdude69 for our fancy bumper music.

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