A Dancing Dixie Cup in Seattle

XFL Teams Shines a Spotlight on a Fan’s Passionate Performance and we all win.

In our Interview with Author Josh Pahigian we looked at fans who become part of the show. From the Cleveland Indians Drummer Jon Adams to King’s Corner in Seattle fans across the country make themselves part of the show with their passion.

Here’s a new example from the XFL (our first XFL Water Cooler Moment) and a fans who is making people talk by…um, dressing like a Dixie Cup and dancing with vegetables.

The fan is Jim Stewart Allen (@DancingJSA) and he’s a 4th grade teacher with a passion for shaking his thang while holding produce. Everyone has their place. He’s become a closet celebrity in Seattle and while the XFL has closed due to the virus he’s finding new outlets to dance. Somethings can not be shut down by the Corona Virus.

I love how the Dragons have shared their spotlight with him and they are both better for it. Remember to let your fans be the stars of the show and you will never be without quality entertainment.

I will let Cameron Hughes know this guy might be coming for him.

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