Scarves in KZoo

Kwings wrap up their Wizard night with a scarf giveaway and more.

A look back at a giveaway from the KWings (way back when we did giveaways and played hockey).

For their Harry Potter  Tribute Night the team adds a giveaway each season. In 2019 this included a wand with the mascot head at the tip. In 2020 the team used a scarf to match the iconic look of Harry himself.

Scarves have a high perceived value and like a lot of clothing items they tend to get a lot of use and thus a bigger return on the investment, keeping the brand in the eyes of fans longer.  Check out our Stadium Scarves page for more details, examples, options and ordering information.

Here’s a clip promoting last year’s giveaway with a “Slappy” wand giveaway and specialty jersey.

The jerseys feature a crest reminiscent of the Hogwarts coat of arms, with colored patterns in red, blue, yellow and green to represent each of the school houses. In the center is the Wings’ K logo, with a lightning bolt instead of their usual flames, and a tiny pair of glasses within it.

Of course, the themed detailing doesn’t end there, with Gryffindor inspired maroon and yellow striped sleeves, and the player names and numbers in the now-iconic Potter font completing the look.

All of the jerseys will be auctioned off after the Wings’ game against the Indy Fuel.  (notes from the 2019 promotion)

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