Saints Clean Up With Post-Pandemic’s Comeback Promo of the Year

Saints are doing an impossible promotion from 2020 in 2021.

Most promotions were scrapped last year during the global pandemic.  This promotions would have been nearly impossible last year due to the (mostly imagined) toilet paper shortage.  But the Saints are here to prove the pandemic is behind us.

Tonight is their annual

Collecting toilet paper would have been like trying to collect gold bars. The only thing more unlikely would have been a Clorox Wipe Drive. But the Saints are BACK with a vengeance and hopefully back with a lot a big supply of toilet paper for Harvetst Heartland.

It’s the 10th annual Toilet Paper Drive presented by Innovative Office Solutions. Technically, last year was year 10, but no one is counting anything that happened in 2020. Whether you’re a front to back, back to front, fold it into squares, or scrunch it type of person this is a day we can all agree giving back is most important. While the average person spends approximately three years sitting on the toilet during their lifetime, they use more than 60,000 rolls of toilet paper in that time. With so much TP being consumed the St. Paul Saints and Innovative Office Solutions are rolling out their annual Toilet Paper Drive. The collection of toilet paper on this night will be donated to 2nd Harvest Heartland.

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