Saints Bobbing for Votes

The Saints have no issues with a rigged election, voter fraud or vote-by-mail with their new Bobblehead Election. Vote early, vote often.

It is election season and the Saint Paul Saints are rocking the vote.

As many teams have done during election years, the team has an equal number of bobbleheads for Trump and Biden. Fans pick their bobbleheads and the first one to run out is the winner.

In years past this is determined at the gates on ingress. Fans pick a bobbleheads and when the team runs out they declare a winner. So if there are 2500 Biden and 2500 Trump bobbleheads and the team runs out of Biden bobbleheads first, Biden is declared the winner of the teams election. Some teams follow up with additional in-game elements to celebrate the Candidates’ win.

This year with no fans the team is offering a package online with a bobblehead and a t-shirt (with some proceeds going to charity) to cast a vote. Same concept, but different method.

Do what you do, do it from home.

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